Tuscany Bike Tours in Florence and Chianti

Tuscany Bike Tours Overview

We at Biking Escape believe that conducting memorable Tuscany bike tours is remarkably similar to the central philosophy of Italian cooking: insist on a few, very high quality ingredients, and mix them skillfully. Our three key constituents are safety, individual attention, and local flavor.

Bikes Routes in Tuscany

Pedaling up and down the countryside, through hilly regions, breathing in the clean air, having a hale and hearty workout, catching up with old buddies, probing antiquated towns, ruins, spas and vineyards along the way are all part of the week-long Tuscany biking trip we offer.

Tuscany Bike Trip Planning

Our Tuscany bike tours cover a distance of around 30 miles each day, with a slow increase in difficulty of the ride as we draw close to the end of our tour. Nevertheless, each bicycling tourist can fix their mileage for the day, depending on their own capabilities and the landscape ahead.

Why Bike Tour with us in Tuscany

Throughout your Tuscany cycling trip, we will supply snacks during breaks for rejuvenating, but some bicycle enthusiasts prefer to carry their own energy bars, nutritional gels or other snacks they prefer in addition.

Activity Travel

We also offer other day trips and edifying experiences via our Art & Culture Group Study, Tuscan Cuisine Classes, Trekking Journeys and Wine & Olive Oil Tasting outings to neighboring Florence.

Our Local Experience

Our founder, a Tuscan native, has been keenly discovering back road biking routes and actively exploring Tuscany's alluring countryside by bikes for over two decades. He knows his way around the scenic Tuscany and its inhabitants in an informal way.